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November 25, 2008

Rare Member Penguins Contest

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Im having a contest so you can win some rare penguins. They are both members and ninjas. These penguins are EXTREMLY RARE!

Here is pictures of them:



Here are the all importent questions to win,

1.Which Mod Quit CP in 2005?

2.What penguins do I go on?

3.In which rooms can you find  ninja shadows?

4.What is 3256 Divided by 9?

The contest ends on the 5th of December. Just comment below with your answers.

Hint: If you comment more, you have 20% more chance of winning!

Good Luck!

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

P.S If no one gets the questions right then I will pick someone randomly who entered the contest and tell them that they have won.



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Im Mrsdalek. You may have seen me posting on before but if you havent here are the penguins I go on:


If you see me on Club Penguin feel free to come over and say hello. I may even add you to my buddy list. I will be posting Cheats, News and Tips all for Club Penguin. Somtimes I will have contests with some cool prizes like Codes, Free Membership and more.

I hope you will enjoy my site!

Rock on-

~Mrsdalek AKA MD~

P.S Dont forget to visit as well! 🙂

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